Upper Key Stage 2 (Y 5/6)

                      Welcome to Upper Key Stage 2





Year 5    Mrs Taylor

Year 5/6    Mrs Eastham (Upper Key Stage 2 Team Leader)

Year 6    Mrs Collins











Year 5 is an exciting and challenging start to Upper Key Stage 2, where we strive to ensure that our children have the knowledge, understanding and readiness for their final school year in Year 6. We build on the already established skills to help them produce work of a high standard. Through a rich and stimulating curriculum, the children can challenge themselves through promoting independent enquiry and cooperative learning.

The Year 6 experience is hugely important both academically and emotionally. Our aim is to provide the children with an exciting curriculum and a positive final year, as well as celebrate their time in primary school, before they embark on a new chapter of their lives in secondary school. Our challenge in Year 6 is to ensure that the children are ready to face and meet the demands of the end of year statutory national assessments and also the transition into secondary eduaction.



Please click on the links below for information about the Year 5/6 curriculum and general routines.

Information booklet for parents 1

Information booklet for parents 2

Information booklet for parents Spring Term 2020



Year 5 Curriculum Overview

Year 6 Curriculum Overview

Topic Medium Term Planning- Autumn Term 1

Topic Medium Term Planning-Autumn Term 2

Topic Medium Term Planning- Spring Term 1


To find the ‘Year Group expectations’ for your child, please click on the relevant link below to find information that will support your child’s learning in school and at home.

Year 5                                          Year 6

Reading                                            Reading   

Writing                                            Writing

Maths                                              Maths 



We thoroughly enjoyed participating in the African Workshop. We designed and made African Dan masks and took part in African dancing.





African Dan Masks and African dancing

African Dancing

African Dance Clip



We enjoyed learning about freedom quilts and even had a go at designing and making our own quilts.

We loved listening to Mrs Vernon-Asimeng talk about her time spent in Africa. We have also been busy taking part in a class debate about slavery.




During assembly, we enjoyed learning all about the importance of fire safety.

Making and decorating Christmas Cakes 

As part of our topic work, we have been exploring and learning about different planets in the solar system. 

Fruit Planets