Year 5

The work set in this area is only to be used if your child is remote learning due to them self isolating. It should not be accessed under any other circumstances and extra work will not be set if this is completed outside of these guidelines.

Timetable A

Timetable Pack A Y5 – Global Warming

Timetable Pack B Y5 – Pollution

Resources Week A – 

Reading Comprehensions

Armed Forces Y5

Fossils Y5

Rainforest deforestation Y5

Writing Task Activities

Seeds and Weeds Y5

secret quest

Task 1 The Ascent

Task 3 Letter to Your MP

Task 4 Classroom Conundrum

Spelling Task




Maths Task

Year 5 Maths Transition Answers

Year 5 Maths Transition Questions

Topic Tasks

All About Global Warming PowerPoint

Global Warming Fact and Discussion Cards Fact Cards

Global Warming Poster

My Ideas to Tackle Global Warming

Resources Pack B – Pollution

English Resources – 




Fiction Reading Revision Mat

Non-Fiction Reading Revision Mat

Poetry Reading Revision Mat

Pollution comprehension

Air Pollution Differentiated Writing Activity

The Troll

Maths Resources – 

Answers Maths-Number-and-Place-Value-

Questions Maths-Number-and-Place-Value-

Topic Resources – 

Air Pollution Booklet

Air Pollution Debate Cards

Air Pollution Powerpoint

Plastic Pollution Activity Sheets

Plastic Pollution PowerPoint


Upper Key Stage Two useful websites    App you can record spellings on.   E safety materials