The Staff at Warren Wood are our greatest resource. 

We have experienced, talented and dedicated staff at Warren Wood who work together to support the school’s ethos and ensure that each pupil reaches his or her full potential. 

Our excellent standards reflect the children’s positive attitudes to learning, consistent good teaching and the high level of pastoral care we provide. All of which are strengths of the school. The combined strength of our staff ensures that the school’s ethos and values provide all pupils with high quality teaching and learning within a supportive and caring environment.

Current Staff 2020-21

Headteacher   Mrs Erica Reyes
Assistant Headteachers   Mrs Alison Cowie & Mrs Karen Eastham


Nursery  Mrs Helena Hill (Team Leader for EYFS)

Reception  Miss Louise Edwards 

Reception  Mrs Jo Belsten (Mon/Tues/Wed) Mrs Deena Prior (Wed/Thurs/Fri)

Year 1  Ms Kate Entwistle

Year 1  Miss Lucy Ives

Year 2  Mrs Jayne Byers (Team Leader for Key Stage 1)

Year 2  Miss Rebecca McCabe

Year 3  Mrs Pia Oliver 

Year 3  Mrs Alison Cowie (Team Leader for Lower Key Stage 2)

Year 4  Mr Ian Parkes 

Year 4  Miss Megan Cope

Year 5  Mrs Anita Collins

Year 5/6  Mrs Karen Eastham (Team Leader for Upper Key Stage 2)

Year 6 Mrs Sophie Taylor 

Key Stage 1 and 2 Class Teacher Mrs Christina Parker 


Brass Tuition   Mr Jonathan Bates
Percussion Tuition   Mr Peter Fitchett

Classroom Support Staff

Mrs Claire Mckenna

Mrs Kay Wallis

Mrs Sara Bailey

Mrs Margaret Nelson

Miss Hilary Parker

Mrs Nicola Lightfoot

Mrs Michelle Unsworth

Mrs Gail Mitchell

Mrs Lisa Grainger

Mrs Mel Medford

Midday Assistants   

Mrs Nicola Lightfoot

Mrs Gail Mitchell

Mrs Julie Redshaw

Mrs Evelyn Smith

Mrs Claire Wild

Mrs Lyn Worthington

Mrs Claire McKenna

Mrs Lynne Moss

Office Staff
School Business Manager Mrs Amanda Miller
Pastoral Manager Mrs Lisa Brealey

Grounds Staff
Caretaker Dave Brown
Cleaners Mrs Maureen Dziegel
Mrs Mel Bancroft
Mrs Pat Ellis

Kitchen Staff
Cook Mrs Vicki Redshaw
Assistant Cook Miss Holly Redshaw


JWC Sport Coaches

Mr Cooke

Mr Akram