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YEAR 1    Ms Entwistle and Miss Ives     

YEAR 2    Mrs Byers (KS1 Team Leader) and Miss McCabe



Key stage  1 consists of Year 1 and Year 2. At the beginning of Year 1 there is a smooth transition from the Foundation Stage with continuous provision areas set up in the classroom. Our lessons in Key Stage 1 incorporate a combination of whole class teaching, small group work and independent activities. As the year progresses the lessons Year 1 adopt a more formal approach to teaching and learning ready for Year 2.

Our learning environment and classrooms make an active contribution to children’s learning and development. Working walls, interactive displays, high frequency words, technical and ambitious vocabulary, text features, book corners and easily accessible resources all contribute towards pupil progress, and celebrate children’s achievements.


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Medium Term Plan- Autumn Term

Medium Term Plan- Spring 1


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Year 1 Curriculum Overview

Year 2 Curriculum Overview



As part of our ‘Blue Planet’ topic, we enjoyed planning, designing and making our sea creature puppets. 

In Maths, we have been looking at number recognition, ordering and place value. We have also been super busy in Phonics learning lots of new digraphs to help us with our reading and using them in our writing. 


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In Year 2, we enjoyed looking at the ‘Rainbow Fish’ story, and we have been working collaboratively in groups to write about and describe other ‘rainbow animals’. 

In Maths, we had fun using various apparatus to partition a different numbers and looked closely at place value. 

We mixed together paint to make various shades of blue to represent the different tones of the ocean. We then used a black felt pen to draw our sea creature. 

For our Key Stage 1 ‘Hook Day’ we enjoyed working in teams to closely examine a variety of evidence and identify which Fairy Tale character had trashed the classrooms. We used the microscopes to examine hair, fingerprints, and animal footprints, and also looked at witness statements. 


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