A Typical School Day


Woodies Club provides wrap-around care for children at a cost. Leaflets are available in the school office and details can be found on our website under the Woodies tab. When arriving to drop your child off, please buzz on the pedestrian gate on Turnstone Road and the office will allow you access to the site. 


Our school gates are opened and pupils and their families are invited to arrive at school anytime between then and 8:45am when the school opens for the day.  Pupils should not be left any earlier than this either on school grounds or outside.

All children should be supervised by an adult whilst on the playground. Please also be mindful that we use the areas directly outside the classrooms as part of our outdoor learning environment too and these will often be set up ready for the day ahead. Therefore, please kindly remind your child and their younger siblings not to touch these areas whilst you wait.


The classroom doors open at 8:45am and pupils may come into class at anytime between then and 9:00am for registration. Gates and doors will be locked at 9:05am and the only access into the building will be through the main office. 

If your child arrives at school after 9.05am, they should report to the school office to sign in where they will be marked in late. A member of our office team will then show the pupil to their classroom. 

Children arriving at school at any other time during the school day should report to the school office to be signed into the building where they will be escorted to class. 


Years 1 – 6 have playtime. Pupils are encouraged to bring healthy snacks where possible and always to keep our school environment tidy by clearing away any litter or mess they may have. Reception pupils join older pupils at lunchtimes and for more playtimes as the year progresses.

Reception pupils operate in a ‘free flow’ system and so have constant access to play for recreational purposes as well as their learning opportunities, both teacher led and directed or child led or initiated. They also have the opportunity to help themselves to refreshments, fruit and snacks.


Our Reception pupils eat lunch, supervised by teaching staff and support staff who help to model life skills of using cutlery, making sensible choices with food, hygiene and cleanliness.

12:00 Noon

Lunchtime starts for the rest of the school at 12:00 p.m. We have a trained and skilled set of Midday staff who are all 'First Aid Awareness' trained, with several members fully trained in Paediatric First Aid. Some of these staff are also Teaching Assistants who work with the pupils in school.

Coaches from JWC Sports work with us at lunchtimes, providing multi-sports activities on a rolling programme for all pupils to access. They also offer lunchtime clubs and training for our school football teams.

Lunchtime also offers selected pupils the opportunity to attend clubs in The Hub to support emotional wellbeing.


Afternoon registration and lessons commence

2:00pm-2:15pm (Infants only)

An afternoon playtime takes place for infant pupils only.


The school gates will be unlocked at this time and no sooner. This is due to the playground and field areas being used for teaching and outdoor learning until this time.

3:15 pm

School finishes for the day, although we do offer lots of after school clubs.

During school times, all external gates will be locked for safeguarding reasons. If for any reason you need to collect your child early or return them from an appointment, please be advised that you must use the main gate on Turnstone Road and buzz through to the school office, stating your name and child’s name in order for us to allow you into the school grounds early. This is for your child’s safety.


This is the latest time extra-curricular clubs finish at school and gates will be locked until this time. Woodies after-school club provides wrap-around care until 5:30pm. When collecting your child between 4pm-4:30pm, please ring the school office and select 'option 4'. You will be put through to the Woodies Team who will allow you access to the site to collect your child.


School site is closed.

Total Hours in a typical school week: 32.5 hours


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