Reading and Phonics

At Warren Wood,  we are committed to the delivery of excellence in the teaching of reading and Phonics.

We understand that a love of reading and the ability to read fluently are key factors in children's success across the curriculum and in life beyond schooling. Children are taught the wealth of information and opportunites that are opened up to them as a fluent reader. Children also understand how strong skills in reading also help them to be an effective writer, using authentic materials to inspire and inform their own writing.

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Throughout school, we use the Rocket Phonics scheme to support the teaching of Phonics. Rocket Phonics is a fully comprehensive, synthetic Phonics-teaching programme. Synthetic Phonics builds continuously on prior learning to ensure maximum progression for our children. By following one scheme as a whole school, we can establish a progressive, consistent phonics curriculum where children will progress and succeed.

Below is a video from Rocket Phonics explaining the English Alphabetic Code:


We use VIPERS skills throughout the school to develop children's ability to understand what they are reading and to focus on the various skills involved in fully engaging with any text. 

We absolutely love reading here at Warren Wood and we foster that same love of reading in our children!

Below, you can find a range of documentation on the progression of skills in reading and phonics; helpful resources linked to our phonics scheme and VIPERS skills; and our school reading offer which explains the range of things that we do at school to promote, encourage and teach reading.


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