Trips and Visits

At Warren Wood, we aim to prepare children for the 'world outside the window'.

What do we mean by this?

Learning in the classroom - and in the outside areas that we are lucky enough to have at school is fantastic -  but there is a whole world of learning opportunities beyond that and we like to make the most of this.

We strive to bring in visitors from outside school to teach us and to learn with us whenever we can. We also aim to provide lots of opportunities while at Warren Wood for children to get out into the wider world of experiences.

Staff work hard to research and plan visits and trips that will further inspire learning, putting our learning into context and provide unforgettable learning experiences to remember.  This involves a lot of preparation and careful planning, but the children love it and we love seeing how much they gain from these experiences!

We have attached a copy of our 'Trips and Visits Policy' for you.


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