How we plan units of work

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When planning units of work, there are many things that we look at to ensure that the children get the most out of their learning. We consider the sequence of learning opportunities within and across year groups (see 'Long Term Plans'); we consider what skills and knowledge the children have learnt previously and how we can build on this (see 'Progression of Skills and Disciplinary knowledge Documentation); we consider the needs of the cohort being taught in terms of inclusion and challenge and the childrens' interests and aptitudes; we carefully consider the vocabulary that we want to build to be able to discuss what we are learning in an increasingly more accurate and articulate way; we consider the 'sticky knowledge' that we want children to retain; we also look at 'the world outside the window' and see how we can enrich the learning through trips and visits or link it to current events. 

Currently, we are developing the use of concepts to link ideas together and to help children to better contextualise their learning: we are excited about these 'Goldem Threads'. Each discipline has its own 'Golden Threads' and we also have the 'Golden Threads' of learning which link positive learning behaviours and attitudes to our ability to learn.

Attached to this part of the website, you can find a few examples of 'medium-term' planning.  This provides the framework for a unit of work but can change based upon teacher assessment and observations where a teacher identifies that this will benefit the childrens' learning. This is where we carefully sequence the children's learning and set out key vocabulary and substantive knowledge (facts).

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