Progression of Skills and Knowledge Documentation

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In order to make sure that our children are able to make aspirational progress throughout school, we carefully structure the order in which skills and knowledge are taught.  It's a little like building a wall: we make sure that we lay solid foundations and then build up from there, with each set of new/more complex skills and knowledge laying on top of the those laid down previously.

We have detailed 'progression of skills and knowledge' documents for each subject which inform teachers' planning.  Feel free to look through these to see how we build up this progression. The knowledge included in these documents is primarily disciplinary and procedural as this relates directly to the acquisistion of skills. 

'Disciplinary knowledge' is knowing how subject knowledge fits together or understanding how to aquire new information/learning in a given discipline.

'Procedural knowledge' is knowing how to do something - understanding the procedure/process.

'Skills' set out what the children will be able to do.

We also set out the substantive knowledge (facts) that the children need to learn in each unit. This is found in our medium-term planning and is decided upon by class teachers who deliver the content in co-operation with subject leaders. 


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