Why is music important?

Music is academic. Music participation provides a unique opportunity for literacy preparation. Whether the children are singing, playing, or listening, music enables them to listen and hear in new ways which exercises their aural discrimination. Recent research has found that music uses both sides of the brain, a fact that makes it valuable in all areas of development.

Music is physical. Music can be described as a sport. Learning to sing and keep rhythm develops coordination. The air and wind power necessary to blow a flute, trumpet or saxophone promotes a healthy body.

Music is emotional. Music is an art form. We are emotional beings and every child requires an artistic outlet. Music may be your child’s vehicle of expression.

Music is for life.  Music is a gift you can give your child that will last their entire lives.

We have had many outside professionals such as ‘Key Strings’ and the ‘Mighty Zulu Nation Theatre Company’ in school to give our pupils a wide experience of musical genres and opportunities.

We also take the children out to experience different settings that involve music. We take part in the annual Stockport schools Carole service and have been many times to the Manchester Arena to enjoy and take part in the Young Voices concerts.

The school also offers a weekly lunchtime music Glee club which enable pupils in the Juniors to show case and focus on their musical talents.



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